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What is the meaning of Ohm in Hindi?

Meaning of Ohm in Hindi is : बिजली की शक्ति की रूकावट की नाप

Definition of word Ohm

Examples of word Ohm

  • The work of Faraday, Volta, Ampere, and Ohm is honored by society, in that fundamental units of electrical measurement are named after them.
  • Paul Ohm is an Associate Professor of Law and Telecommunications at the University of Colorado in the United States.
  • Electrical resistance is quantified in Ohm’s law: V = IR, where V is the voltage applied across the resistor, I is the current passing through it, and R is the resistance.
  • Here the earth resistance mustn't exceed 50 (25) Ohm, which is much less stringent.
  • A natural law found by Georg Simon Ohm is called OhmÂ’s law and it has fundamental importance to electrical engineering.


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