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What is the meaning of PA in Hindi?

Meaning of PA in Hindi is : पिता

Definition of word PA

  • A Maori fort. (noun)

Examples of word PA

  • _ In, to; _tan qui be pa huyu_, I am going to the mountain [TN-38] _pa hay_, in the house.
  • Hunting deer on public land in pa is certainly a challenge, but that makes you appreciate the deer you do kill, as well as the experiences you have in the woods.
  • The compound 'five - people' (pañkajanâh) denotes groups of five beings, just as the term pañka-pûlyah denotes aggregates of five bundles of grass.
  • Answerbag Legal Statements Is it legal in pa for a 25 year old male to have sex with a 16 tear old female Only if pa is short for Pakistan.
  • Yes | No | Report from peter wrote 49 weeks 5 days ago man thats nice. i never shot a mule deer before. live in pa
  • This reaction seems drastic and contrived to me. wha? in pa
  • Yes | No | Report from peter wrote 45 weeks 12 hours ago great day for hunting and fishing. just hope some is in pa, but if not at least someone gets some more land
  • The governor is enforcing the law, nothing wrong with that. mother in pa