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What is the meaning of PGP in Hindi?

Meaning of PGP in Hindi is :

Definition of word PGP

  • Pretty Good Privacy. A program using public key encryption popularly used with email. (initialism)

Examples of word PGP

  • If your old version of PGP is in a directory called C: PGP and your new archive file and signature is in C: NEW (and you have retrieved MIT PGP 2.6.2), you may execute the following command:
  • If there is a flaw in PGP, you only buy yourself the message not being read until NSA or someone else figure out how to get around that flaw.
  • The PGP is based on average tendencies and can help a person see where they relate to others in their age group as well as other generational groups …
  • In this period of the "swinging sixties" they signed with the Belgrade label PGP RTB (acronym for "Radio Television Belgrade's Gramophone Records Production") who released three EP vinyls from 1964-69.
  • There's a program called PGP (www. pgp.com) that has been successfully used by activists in many countries.


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