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What is the meaning of Pest in Hindi?

Meaning of Pest in Hindi is : हानिकारक जीव

Definition of word Pest

Examples of word Pest

  • Ron Harrison, an entomologist who works for Atlanta-based Orkin Pest Control Inc., said the annoying bugs were a type of midge, an insect related to mosquitoes.
  • "You need to call a Pest Control person," said Ms. Animal Controller.
  • A Gauteng pest control company called Pest Master said there had been a marked increase of callers wanting rodents to be killed.
  • It is a sort of anticipation of Pest, which is sweet to me.
  • I'm goin 'to introduce a new style, for your special benefit, called the Pest-a-lazy (Pestalozzi) system, now all the fashion.


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