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What is the meaning of Phariseeism in Hindi?

Meaning of Phariseeism in Hindi is :

Definition of word Phariseeism

Examples of word Phariseeism

  • I hope that you rest easy knowing your self-righteousness and Phariseeism is costing people their lives, you who call yourself pro-life, you who claim that we revel in the death and suffering of others.
  • Berlin, despite her strong devour of Phariseeism, Puritanism and Chauvinism in religion, manners and morals, is not a whit better than her neighbours.
  • The comments here have shown so much ignorance, so much bigotry, so much spite and malice, so much hypocrisy, so much Phariseeism....
  • It's their Phariseeism, their fundamental dishonesty, their hypocrisy, malice, hatred and "bearing false witness" that is repugnant to me.
  • I have always hated Phariseeism - ie doing the outward motions of religion without having the heart - and thought it applied more to violent religious people or fundamentalists LOL and never thought it applied to me.


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