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What is the meaning of Picard in Hindi?

Meaning of Picard in Hindi is :

Definition of word Picard

  • of, from, or relating to, Picardy (adjective)
    से, से, या से संबंधित, पिकार्डी
  • Someone from Picardy (noun)
    पिकार्डी से कोई
  • A Romance language closely related to French (proper noun)
    फ्रेंच से निकटता से संबंधित एक रोमांस भाषा

Examples of word Picard

  • Have you ever seen the episode of Star Trek TNG when captain Picard is ordered to step down from the position of Captain of the Enterprise?
  • That, too, was a name Picard remembered from the report.
  • Like to see Captain Picard do that – oh wait, he had that mud fight with his brother, that was cool.
  • That was the summer that began with the revelation that Captain Picard had been assimilated by the Borg.
  • Picard is made aware of his own mortality by the death of his loved ones.
  • A shaved head has helped actor Patrick Stewart ( "Star Trek" 's Captain Picard) extend his sexy years into his 70s.
  • So, you know how the Borg were the coolest thing about Star Trek: TNG, right after Captain Picard and, um … Um. Well.
  • Or to Captain Picard, for that matter, in Nemesis?
  • But Picard is not the only one involved in a cover up.
  • Picard is open source and scriptable, leaving it wide open for tinkering to suit your needs.