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What is the meaning of Piet in Hindi?

Meaning of Piet in Hindi is :

Definition of word Piet

Examples of word Piet

  • The only record was made by his supervisor, identified as Piet
  • It was a rather pathetic sight to see those two beautiful animals awaiting destruction at the fangs of the dogs, and, moved suddenly by a sense of pity, I pressed my heels to Prince's flanks, and, calling Piet to follow, rode forward into the open.
  • It's a surreal coup de musique that starts Le Grand Macabre on its absurdist journey, in which you meet a perennially pissed antihero called Piet the Pot, a sado - masochistic astronomer, a pair of sex - obsessed lovers, a layabout prince, and a couple of preening, pernicious politicians.
  • I'd even say that kids love "Piet" (and his candy and crazy antics) more than they love the old man (with his old ways and judgemental book).
  • The leader of the "Orde van die Boerevolk", Piet "Skiet" Rudolph told Sapa on Thursday he had sent an open letter Mr Mandela in reaction to the ANC leader's statement on Saturday that the rightwing's threats of violence would be met with unlimited violence from the ANC.


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