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What is the meaning of Plantain in Hindi?

Meaning of Plantain in Hindi is : प्लैन्टिन

Definition of word Plantain

Examples of word Plantain

  • The several varieties of the edible plantain which are known and cultivated throughout the West Indies, Africa, and in the East are all reducible to two classes, viz., the Plantain and the Banana (_Musa
  • Locally known as the 'Plantain' or 'Small Corn Bird', these birds are easy targets for any photographer that can get close enough.
  • For the past 10 months, geologists have been investigating a geological fault system on the boundary of the two plates known as the Enriquillo-Plantain Garden.
  • Plantain empanadas with picadillo: Empanadas de platano by
  • Plantain empanadas with picadillo: Empanadas de platano: Mexican Recipe


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