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What is the meaning of Polonaise in Hindi?

Meaning of Polonaise in Hindi is :

Definition of word Polonaise

  • Of or pertaining to the Poles, or to Poland. (adjective)
  • The Polish language. (noun)

Examples of word Polonaise

    • This clip shows his way with Chopin — the arrangement, combining the "Minute" Waltz and the A-flat Polonaise, is an abomination, but it's Chopin's notes, for the most part, and Liberace shows some nice limpid fingerwork as well as a real feel for the style.
    • "The Polonaise is beginning," murmured Madame Morenski.
    • This dress was laced from top to bottom in front, and bore some resemblance to that called Polonaise, still worn by children in Scotland of the lower rank.
    • The Polish have a breadcrumb treatment known as Polonaise topping, where they brown breadcrumbs in butter and put them on top of cooked vegetables usually, cauliflower being a particular favourite.
    • The Polonaise is a dignified promenade, with which German balls invariably commence.


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