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What is the meaning of Presbyterian in Hindi?

Meaning of Presbyterian in Hindi is : प्रेस्बिटेरियन

Definition of word Presbyterian

  • Of or pertaining to a presbyter, or to ecclesiastical government by presbyters; relating to those who uphold church government by presbyters; also, to the doctrine, discipline, and worship of a communion so governed. (adjective)

Examples of word Presbyterian

  • As a Calvinist (presbyterian) myself, I have to kind of disagree with you on that ..
  • My father was raised catholic, my mother presbyterian, she had to be baptized for them to get married.
  • We saw the sun here yesterday for the first time in a month and, in the best presbyterian tradition, are paying for it today.
  • Frances Motley, elementary public school teacher, protestant/presbyterian
  • Sally Milbury-Steen, Pacem in Terris walt miler, retired, presbyterian


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