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What is the meaning of Prohibition in Hindi?

Meaning of Prohibition in Hindi is : शराबबन्दी

Definition of word Prohibition

  • An act of prohibiting, forbidding, disallowing, or proscribing something. (noun)
  • A law prohibiting the manufacture or sale of alcohol. (noun)

Examples of word Prohibition

  • Wonder how long the Mexican drug gangs would last if we didn't buy the stuff or if we realized this latest experiment in prohibition is no more successful than the first one.
  • I would say that the latest experiment in prohibition is proceding just like the last one, only on a larger scale.
  • I've tried to relieve some fear about legalization so that you might understand more clearly how futile and destructive marijuana prohibition is and why it should be ended.
  • If, on the other hand, "the president is acting in prohibition of an express or implied act of Congress, then he's working at his lowest ebb."
  • The circuit courts have held unanimously (at least so far) that this prohibition is within the power of Congress to regulate Interstate commerce.


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