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What is the meaning of Quant in Hindi?

Meaning of Quant in Hindi is : लग्गी

Definition of word Quant

  • A quantitative analyst. (noun)
  • Quantity. (noun)
  • Quantifier. (noun)
  • A punting pole with a broad flange near the end to prevent it from sinking into the mud; a setting pole. (noun)
  • Quantifiable. (adjective)
  • Quantitative. (adjective)

Examples of word Quant

  • For years, he has been a senior executive overseeing so-called quant trading within Goldman Sachs Asset Management, after helping launch that unit ' s computer-driven investing business in 1989.
  • The so-called quant quake in 2007 hurt funds like Global Alpha as market volatility confounded computer-trading models.
  • And though quants and risk managers played a central role exacerbating last year's financial crisis, 86% of those surveyed indicated their supervisors '"level of understanding of the job of a quant is the same or worse than it was a year ago," and 70% said the same about their institutions as a whole.
  • Today even with the most sophisticated algorithms touted by our best and brightest quants (a quant is a believer in quantitative analysis), the average CTR now reports in at around 0.3%.
  • Across the industry, so-called quant funds have been hit especially hard by the downturn in credit and private-equity markets.


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