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What is the meaning of RDF in Hindi?

Meaning of RDF in Hindi is :

Definition of word RDF

  • Resource Description Framework, used for conceptual modelling of information on the Web. (noun)

Examples of word RDF

  • Sam Johnston: pointing to an OWL file generated by Protegé in RDF/XML as an argument that RDF * as a whole* is ugly is a bit like pointing to a minified JavaScript library in order to say that JavaScript as a whole is ugly.
  • RDF is really the intuition that foreign keys need to be URIs, not integers.
  • Almost everyone involved in RDF these days sees RDF/XML as just a transmission format – nobody is supposed to read that by hand.
  • RDF is designed to be manipulated as data, XML is about annotating text.
  • Google’s advance in direction of implementing RDF is much more important.
  • I know The Steve’s RDF is pretty strong, but I don’t think it can bend time. —
  • But the fact that RDF technologies through which trust can be expressed are inherently compatible with grassroots things like FOAF and RSS (RSS 1.0 is done in RDF) suggests any significant barriers to trust-enhanced advertising won’t be technical.
  • Following on from work by Norm Walsh, they also have some notes on modelling vCards in RDF.
  • As these node-edge-node triple statements get aggregated, a network structure emerges, known as the RDF graph.