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What is the meaning of Raul in Hindi?

Meaning of Raul in Hindi is :

Definition of word Raul

  • A male given name, an Anglicized form of Spanish Raúl. (proper noun)

Examples of word Raul

  • That said, I think the best way to deal with Raul is for Obama to just recognize his government, and allow just about anyone to get a visa in either direction.
  • Last week, PRD leaders suggested that the change in Raul's case reflected Carlos Salinas's increasing maneuvering behind the scenes in Mexico and his ability to pressure the Fox government.
  • In any event, Raul is only waiting now for his friends and family to put together the 32 million pesos (about 2.9 million US$) for his bail.
  • Of course, the reaction to the change in Raul's case has been received with some dismay and skepticism.
  • Raul is still under investigation in France for related money laundering suspicion.
  • Raul is now doing 27 years in the slammer for having his ex-brother-in-law, the PRI chairman, murdered.