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What is the meaning of Read in Hindi?

Meaning of Read in Hindi is : सूचना प्राप्त करना

Definition of word Read

  • A reading or an act of reading, especially an actor's part of a play. (noun)
  • To think, believe; to consider (that). (verb)

Examples of word Read

    •  Larry later read& line-edited all the novels; we heard read aloud every chap. 1 at semester's end.
    • JLenard..read his username phonectically and then read his comment...
    • Folks…I just read this on DailyKos..read it if you want to feel better and a tad more hopeful about the press and holding GW to account.
    • As a middle school teacher actively *trying* to get kids out there to read science fiction and fantasy heck, getting kids to *read*, period!
    • He was indeed a prodigious Scholar; he had learn'd the_ Alcoran, _and was well initiated into Human Learning before he was Ten years old; then he studied Logick and Arithmetick, and read over Euclid without any help, only his Master show'd him how to demonstrate the first five or six Propositions; Then he read_ Ptolemy's Almagest,
    • In short, I hope the reader who is now looking at this preface will carefully read every word in the following pages; and not only _read_, but _remember_, the lessons there taught, and thereby become wiser and better.
    • If you wanted to educate a child, would you teach him to read one play of Shakespeare, or would you teach him to _read_?
    • I was also forbidden to read the only one of Ouida's books which I wished to read— "Under Two Flags."
    • Now, at this very moment a child's voice from the neighbouring house began repeating in a kind of chant: "_Take and read, take and read_."
    • For the text which refers to the man 'who has read the Veda' enjoins works on him who has merely _read_ the texts, and _reading_ there means nothing more than the apprehension of the aggregate of syllables called