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What is the meaning of Reed in Hindi?

Meaning of Reed in Hindi is : सरक‌ंडा

Definition of word Reed

  • A surname, a spelling variant of Reid. (proper-noun)
  • A male given name transferred from the surname. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Reed

  • Such a statement like that in Reed is mere problem avoidance.
  • Some of the other work that I found to be really strong was like Benjamin Reed from the University of Missouri - his work in the Sports Portfolio.
  • Jeremy Reed is a writer whose genius deserves more recognition.
  • What's not: Jeremy Reed is the center fielder, but if he can't hack it this spring, Randy Winn will move from left to center and Raul Ibanez will go from DH to left, giving prospect Bucky Jacobsen more DH at-bats.
  • For Ballard, Reed is ‘Rimbaud reconfigured as the Man who fell to Earth, a visitor from deep space whose time machine was designed by Lautréamont and de Sade, and powered by the most exotic fuels the imagination has ever devised’.


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