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What is the meaning of Rhine in Hindi?

Meaning of Rhine in Hindi is :

Definition of word Rhine

  • A river that flows through Switzerland, Germany, west Bavaria, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Rhine

  • For I am of the opinion, perhaps in contrast to many whose standpoint I share in other respects, that the reconquest of the German-speaking left bank of the Rhine is a matter of national honour, and that the Germanisation of a disloyal Holland and of Belgium is a political necessity for us.
  • They said look the West Bank of the Rhine is German.
  • If he explains to you that we may have to fight the Russians, that, if so, it will be desirable to defend the line of the Rhine, and that, if the line of the Rhine is to be defended, the help of the
  • France will never feel secure until she is on the Rhine from the mouth of Flanders to the border in Switzerland, and as long as that continues there is no way for disarmament, and there is no hope for peace in Europe.
  • There are certain Rhine bridges which are absolutely vital to the German army for the carrying of supplies from behind.


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