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What is the meaning of Rhode in Hindi?

Meaning of Rhode in Hindi is :

Definition of word Rhode

  • In Greek mythology, the oldest Oceanid, a daughter of Tethys and Oceanus (proper-noun)

Examples of word Rhode

  • The only parallel I can think of is getting a traditional Goldwaterite or Taftian to primary a soft Republican in Rhode Island or Vermont or something.
  • Middendorf, who lives in Rhode Island, told Dutch NOS news that he had gotten it from the U.S.
  • I know of a group of regular sharkers in Rhode Island that hang a bag of D batteries over the rail to send out an electrical pulse.
  • I then arranged for a family here in Rhode Island with a young son to try the products out at home and offer feedback.
  • Over the long weekend here in Rhode Island I finished my planting.


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