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What is the meaning of Root in Hindi?

Meaning of Root in Hindi is : स्थिर होना

Definition of word Root

Examples of word Root

  • Tuber and root vegetables, Canning of vegetables, Root and
  • "Root" is the only object in Property List, and when I expand it, there is nothing close to what's described.
  • Now if we take the theosophical nomenclature, we find each of these kalpas covers what we call a Root Race, and you may remember that the first Root Race of humanity had not human form at all but was simply a floating mass able to live in the waters which then covered the earth, and only showing the ordinary protoplasmic motions connected with such a type of life and possible at that stage of its evolution.
  • The Root is an African-American news site run by the Washington Post.
  • Third, once he pays his Social Security and other taxes, Root is free to do whatever he wants with his money.


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