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What is the meaning of Rosetta in Hindi?

Meaning of Rosetta in Hindi is : रोज़ेटा

Definition of word Rosetta

Examples of word Rosetta

  • Lesley Ann Machado is the actress in Rosetta Stone ads.
  • Rosetta is a city known for its national history and unique decorative and architectural heritage, as well as, Islamic architecture.
  • Some parts of the GUI like ATSServer are still not native to x86 - meaning that Rosetta is required by the GUI, which in turn requires TPM.
  • It’s difficult in Rosetta to get the context to what that string belongs;
  • What’s the actual status wrt GNOME translation in Rosetta?
  • Rosetta, which is based in Arlington, Va., has reported weaker core earnings in recent quarters.
  • But Apple said it has found a workaround to the problem: a universal, on-the-fly emulator called Rosetta that allows Mac software to run on Intel chips with no need to rewrite the application and little or no performance hit.
  • He was stationed at the fortress of St. Julien on the western mouth of the Nile which is called the Rosetta river.
  • The first of the three inscriptions was in hieroglyphic, then unreadable; the second in demotic or shorter script, also unknown, and the third in a living language pertaining to the time of Ptolemy Epiphanes, who reigned about 200 B.C. This relic of antiquity is called the Rosetta stone.