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What is the meaning of Savoy in Hindi?

Meaning of Savoy in Hindi is : मुड़ी तुड़ी पत्तियों वाली पत्तागोभी

Definition of word Savoy

  • A historical region of western Europe. (proper-noun)
  • A hardy cabbage with dense, crinkled leaves. (noun)

Examples of word Savoy

    • SAVOY - Emergency personnel have been called to the scene of a crash in Savoy.
    • SAVOY -- Savoy is going high tech in its approach to stopping illegal roadside dumping.
    • SAVOY – The Illinois attorney general's office will seek a remedy for customers with unused gift cards to the recently closed Pages for All Ages bookstore in Savoy.
    • SAVOY - The Champaign school board will hold a joint meeting with the Savoy village board Monday night to talk about the plans for building a new elementary school in Savoy.
    • Those cards are now on display, in a tribute to days gone by, in what they call The Savoy


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