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What is the meaning of Seat in Hindi?

Meaning of Seat in Hindi is : स्थिति

Definition of word Seat

Examples of word Seat

  • Oliveras, an Airman 1st Class who lives on McGuire Air Force Base in Fort Dix, N.J., paid $20 for his seat in Section 202, Row 7, Seat 24.
  • Seat pitch and width 9D is in one of the nine rows of "Seat+" space
  • ANDERSON - Matt Harbin became the last person to register to run for the Anderson City Council's open at-large seat, Seat 7, making it the only contested seat for the city council's April election.
  • I was in partial view orchestra seat Row F, Seat 20 ... excellent seat for the price you see just about everything except one wall of the dance hall (where no action really takes place, it's all centered) and some of the back wall (the miner's flag).
  • On my way to my seat in Section 1, Seat 88, reserved for Black Enterprise, I pass black corporate leaders like Leonard James of Exxon / Mobil, business leaders including Ariel Capital Management CEO John Rogers, and entertainment super-couple Shawn "Jay Z" Carter and Beyonce Knowles.


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