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What is the meaning of Shakespearean in Hindi?

Meaning of Shakespearean in Hindi is :

Definition of word Shakespearean

  • Of or pertaining to, characteristic of, associated with, or suggestive of William Shakespeare (an English playwright), his works, or his authorship. (adjective)
  • Derivative of Shakespeare's works or authorship. (adjective)
  • Composed of Shakespearean sonnets. (adjective)
  • A scholar of the works of Shakespeare. (noun)
  • A person trained to act in Shakespeare's plays. (noun)

Examples of word Shakespearean

  • A white actor playing a black person is one thing - black actors play white people in Shakespearean plays all over, and I'm sure more than the occasional white person played Othello, but the line is crossed at colorface.
  • He was born into a family of famous actors, he achieved success in Shakespearean roles but resented the greater acclaim enjoyed by his brother, Edwin Booth.
  • Power was a descendent of a long line of theatrical actors: his great grandfather was a nineteenth century comedian; his father, Tyrone Power Sr., was a London stage actor; while his mother, Helen Emma Raeume (stage name Patia Power), often acted opposite her husband in Shakespearean productions.
  • There is a certain Shakespearean sweep in the seasons and when you add the kind of music and photography it enhances that feeling.
  • For one thing, our audiences are getting older and while we hope that succeeding generations will be as interested in Shakespearean theatre as they are today and theatre generally, there are competing forms of entertainment -- a world full of DVDs and computers and rock concerts, you name it.


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