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What is the meaning of Shute in Hindi?

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Definition of word Shute

Examples of word Shute

  • Shute is one of the rare writers to have applied it to a whole group of people - the last of humanity - and carried out the thought experiment as to how people like him (and I suppose people rather like me) would react.
  • What I like about Shute is that I don't always have any idea what kind of story he's going to tell when he starts out.
  • It is a round, two-storied, yellow little fortification, standing at one end of a green marsh known as Shute's Folly Island.
  • Portraits by artists from the mid 1830s, such as Dr. Samuel and Ruth Shute , will be contrasted with works by 20th-century artists like James Castle .
  • After "hours of coaxing and several gallons of China tea", the journalist Nerina Shute eventually got him to open up.


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