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  • Posted at 09: 56 AM on Sep 10, 2008 by sinead ih gril my name is raven i am blak and 8 year old call at 662-317-0917
  • We danced to coldplay and elton john and duran duran and dave matthews and eva cassidy and sinead o connor and the cure.
  • - Highlights of artsy video: a young michael jackson and sinead o'connor
  • Steve Lynch: thank you for making it possible for me to rock the party with k.d. AND sinead.
  • (Reporting by Sinead Carew, editing by Gerald E. McCormick) ((sinead. carew@thomsonreuters.com; + 1 646 2236186)) Keywords: VE.IZON/
  • Sheila Garret 01: 02: 01 202 1234 sinead Harper 01: 02: 01 203 1010
  • I feel you might be right also about young sinead, but i still think she will become a joke after being elected, as I said I'd love to be a fly on the wall in there to see and hear her operate.
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