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What is the meaning of Snake in Hindi?

Meaning of Snake in Hindi is : सांपिन

Definition of word Snake

  • A legless reptile of the sub-order Serpentes with a long, thin body and a fork-shaped tongue. (noun)
  • To follow or move in a winding route. (verb)

Examples of word Snake

    • Raccoons, one excessively stinky skunk in the southbound lane of US 1A (different section than last time), one garter snake, one eastern milk snake _or_ northern water snake*, various things not seen in the roadside grass but making their presence felt (or smelled).
    • The term snake oil is often used to describe cryptography that does not actually provide the level of security that its proponents claim.
    • Eventually this behavior became so widespread that the term snake oil became generalized to other products, ones that made claims of effectiveness that could not easily be substantiated by consumers and should thus be suspected of being false or misleading.
    • According to several web sites the snake is an Australian Olive Whipsnake, Demansia olivacea, and is rather venomous.
    • Not to be confused at all with its many nonpoisonous neighbors, this snake is a pit viper in the same general family as the Copperhead and the Rattler.
    • This snake is a role model to the bulimic community everywhere.
    • I think he is a dangerous friend — what I call a snake in the grass.
    • In the tale Mr. Get-Even Coyote the snake is allowed to destroy the coyote, who has a sad fate throughout all of the tales in which he figures because of his predatory habits.
    • I think he is a dangerous friend -- what I call a snake in the grass.