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What is the meaning of Socratic in Hindi?

Meaning of Socratic in Hindi is :

Definition of word Socratic

  • of or characteristic of the philosopher Socrates or his philosophical methods and/or views. (adjective)
  • a follower of Socrates. (noun)

Examples of word Socratic

    • The future of the American idea — both then and now, here and abroad — depends on the vision, courage, and determination of decent and compassionate people to engage in Socratic questioning of the powers that be, to take the risk of prophetic witness, and to preserve a hope for democratization.
    • = -- Developing, or training, questions, are sometimes referred to as Socratic questions.
    • His method was interrogation, he whetted the curiosity of the audience and practised what had become known as Socratic irony and the maieutic art (maieutikê techne), the art of delivering minds of their conceptions.
    • When I first came to law school, I, along with everyone else, was at least mildly intimidated by this thing called the Socratic method.
    • His own — that is, the Socratic — method of conducting a rational discussion632 was to proceed step by step from one point of general agreement to another: “Herein lay the real security of reasoning,” 633 he would say; and for this reason he was more successful in winning the common assent of his hearers than any one I ever knew.


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