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What is the meaning of Stateside in Hindi?

Meaning of Stateside in Hindi is : क्षेत्र का

Definition of word Stateside

  • In the United States. (adjective)
  • In the 48 contiguous states. (adjective)
  • In or to the United States, especially the lower forty-eight. (adverb)
  • In or to the 48 contiguous states. (adverb)

Examples of word Stateside

  • First, IGN has learned that XSEED Games, formerly set to debut the title stateside, will no longer be handling distribution.
  • I doubt we will see this title stateside, but does it look like something you would play on your Wii if it did?
  • She knew exactly why Paul was being called stateside.
  • Meanwhile, so much of the bureacrazy stateside is still in a deep state of denial or inertia … full speed ahead, damn the torpedoes of science and social responsibility. andrea
  • I believe the pass/fail issue with manufacturing the RD-180 engine stateside is some proprietary metallurgy, not tooling.


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