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What is the meaning of Taoiseach in Hindi?

Meaning of Taoiseach in Hindi is :

Definition of word Taoiseach

  • Head of the Irish government, comparable to a UK or Australian Prime Minister. (proper-noun)
  • Title of the person holding that office. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Taoiseach

  • It's a cracking achievement for third term Taoiseach Bertie Ahern.
  • Interestingly even the programme pundits and presenters are calling the Taoiseach by his christian name.
  • Based on that call, the President then first called the Taoiseach, Prime Minister Ahern.
  • On this St. Patrick's Day, I am delighted to welcome Prime Minister Reynolds, called Taoiseach in his country, to the White House.
  • I was happy to learn that the Prime Minister, whom you affectionately called the Taoiseach -- you know, I want the members of the Congress to learn that.


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