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What is the meaning of Tariq in Hindi?

Meaning of Tariq in Hindi is :

Definition of word Tariq

Examples of word Tariq

  • Curious to know what is tariq krim new company status now.
  • They include "Nujum ala tariq" in 1968 (Stars on the way) and "Ta'ab" in 1993 (Fatigue); He also wrote a biography of the Prophet Muhammad, "Muhammad, le Prophete et l' Homme", (Muhammad, the Prophet and the Man, 1991) as well as "Al Afkar" (Thoughts) in 1981.
  • Now, I make no pretence to be a conflict journalist, so I didn't go charging out to 'aisha bakkar to check out the action first hand, and I know Future had seasoned fighters next door in tariq al-jadideh, but the guys I saw in qasqas looked like neighbourhood shabab.
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