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What is the meaning of Thad in Hindi?

Meaning of Thad in Hindi is :

Definition of word Thad

  • A diminutive of the male given names Thaddeus and Thaddaeus. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Thad

  • #12 Cash Flow minus costs equals profits …. thus if the corporation has 30 billion in positivbe cash flow they have enough to pay their bills and do not need a government give away of half a billion dollars … that money could be use better elsewhere but good ole boy Thad is probably looking toward his next major campaign contribution and acting as a good repiglican does.
  • "When I called Thad, he said, 'We have no grad assistant positions, but he could become the manager of the team,'" Smith said.
  • I liked Dawn’s style of writing very much – the small insights into Thad’s character, the description of jail life, his relationship with Bob and the guard, the change in Thad’s glibness and confidence when he was speaking to Bob, to his inability to communicate beyond monosyllables when he spoke to Paul.
  • The boy called Thad not only wore a rather seedy and faded scout khaki uniform; while those of all his comrades were almost brand new; but he had several merit badges fastened on the left side of his soft shirt.
  • "Just hold up a little, Bumpus," called Thad, cheerily.


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