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What is the meaning of Thatcher in Hindi?

Meaning of Thatcher in Hindi is : छप्पर छानेवाला

Definition of word Thatcher

  • A person who installs thatch as a roofing material. (noun)
  • A device which removes dead grass clippings from a lawn. (Technically a de-thatcher, often a lawnmower attachment.) (noun)

Examples of word Thatcher

    • People changed their favoured password from time to time, sure, but what was suspicious was that there were several earlier files which had been encrypted with 'thatcher'.
    • It was at that point that he came across a file which would not respond to 'thatcher', and saw that the file had not been updated for some months, meaning Hijack could offer no assistance.
    • 137 Fortunately, the word 'thatcher' appeared, sandwiched between a bunch of cursor strokes and function key numbers.
    • Labels: black and white ball, black and white minstrel show, carol thatcher, tories
    • Is that an admission that there will be no Falklands to save the thatcher-markII Coalition?