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What is the meaning of Thorn in Hindi?

Meaning of Thorn in Hindi is : शूल

Definition of word Thorn

  • A sharp protective spine of a plant. (noun)
    एक पौधे की एक तेज सुरक्षात्मक रीढ़।
  • To pierce with, or as if with, a thorn (verb)
    एक काँटे से छेदना, या मानो साथ करना

Examples of word Thorn

    • Sometimes, as in any exorcism movie -- and most horror movies are that, by other names -- the alien thorn is successfully removed from the suppurating flank of the real.
    • And do you know what that sting or thorn is in Latin?
    • My miraculous discovery was that by telling my husband and laughing with him about it; And then calling a dear friend and telling her and laughing with her about it; Now the thorn is drawn from my mind.
    • Craig Counsell was the main thorn in Maddux's side, igniting things with a first-inning single and getting a double in the fourth inning, scoring both times.
    • Paul confirmed that the source of our suffering is Satan when he referred to his thorn in the flesh as a “messenger of Satan” 2 Cor.
    • He had lingered behind to pluck a thorn from the foot of a beggar child he had met on the highway, and he had not heard the Warder's words.
    • By sheer force of self-assertion we have lifted ourselves from the dust where we once crawled as worms and no women; we no longer wither on the virgin thorn – we flourish on it; and ungarnished though we be with olive-boughs, we are not ashamed when we meet with our enemies in the gate.