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What is the meaning of Thorne in Hindi?

Meaning of Thorne in Hindi is :

Definition of word Thorne

  • An English surname, variant of Thorn. (proper noun)

Examples of word Thorne

  • Kevin Thorne is someone with a lot of power: with his quill he can rewrite history and the world to be whatever he wants it to be, except he doesn’t know what to write.
  • As played by David Morrissey, Thorne is more like police dog than police detective – he follows his nose, the primal scents of foul play somewhere in his DNA.
  • The question is whether the Fables will be able to get to Kevin Thorne and stop him before the world is completely changed.
  • INFAMOUS email prankster David Thorne is back in the headlines with new material taking the mickey out of landlords and gyms.
  • Of course, these bring about a pretty spectacular conclusion, though for a man with a great belief in the biblical meting out of justice, David Morrissey's Thorne is pretty untroubled by laws or guilt.
  • Gary Thorne is a commentator for ABC/ESPN, a veteran hockey and baseball announcer and a former assistant district attorney.