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What is the meaning of Tibetan in Hindi?

Meaning of Tibetan in Hindi is :

Definition of word Tibetan

  • Pertaining to Tibet, the Tibetan people, culture, or language. (adjective)
  • A native of Tibet (noun)
  • A language of Tibet (proper-noun)

Examples of word Tibetan

  • DALAI LAMA, EXILED TIBETAN SPIRITUAL LEADER: Meeting with the president politically, meeting with an American president, usually I have something of an agenda, obviously about the Tibetan issue.
  • Having studied sanskrit script, prakrit scripts, and tibetan script I am more of a proficient in writing systems than in spoken language, I agree that Lepcha script is more rightly emanated from Tibetan script than from the Mongolian.
  • But if you look at the over all protest through out Tibet including those tibetan region which are now not in so called Tibet Autonomous region (25-30 different localities even in the remote village) People from all works of live has protested with Tibetan national flag not with guns or sword eventhough many own guns.
  • China set up a "migration program" bringing Chinese people into Tibet, so that the tibetan people would be the ethnic minority. they also use some parts of tibet as a dumping land for their waste and subjects taught in schools are mostly taught in Chinese, therefore they're eroding the unique Tibetan culture.
  • HH Dalai Lama and tibetan people should demand complete independence which is the legitimate right of Tibetan people.


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