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What is the meaning of Trimble in Hindi?

Meaning of Trimble in Hindi is :

Definition of word Trimble

Examples of word Trimble

  • Rachel: they did think of that before. solomon trimble.
  • | Reply | Permalink you mean the lord trimble who opposed the clinton administration's involvement in the peace process? that lord trimble?
  • Q Mike, in this 500-foot hallway, Gerry Adams is there, trimble is there, all those people are there?
  • She begun to jerk an 'trimble all over; she drawed in her breath in a sort o' groanin 'way, awful to hear, an' then dropped down on the floor in a fit.
  • An 'he crawl back an' I tuck 'im up agin, an' we trimble like a popple leaf.


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