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What is the meaning of Vance in Hindi?

Meaning of Vance in Hindi is :

Definition of word Vance

  • A habitational surname. (proper-noun)
  • A male given name transferred from the surname; of mostly American usage. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Vance

    • He says the detective's name was something short like Vince, and when Bree suggests the name Vance, Paul concurs, and Bree quickly hangs up.
    • Any way you look at it, Songs of the Dying Earth: Stories in Honor of Jack Vance is a total steal.
    • Even these early tales make it clear why Vance is still one of the most revered, read, and taught of science fiction authors, highlighting his blending of genres, forward-thinking and prophetic science, and careful craft.
    • Despite the three-year indoctrination programme of an English degree, he has held on to his core belief that Jack Vance is the greatest writer out there.
    • Jack Vance is the master of the 'Dying Earth' genre of SF and now Subterranean Press, in conjunction with editor extraordinaire Gardner Dozois, is producing Songs of the Dying Earth, an anthology in honor of Jack Vance.


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