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What is the meaning of Ventura in Hindi?

Meaning of Ventura in Hindi is :

Definition of word Ventura

Examples of word Ventura

  • I remember the big wheels and loved them! the ones i got in ventura, calif were made of 2 oatmeal cookies, with vanilla ice cream in the middle, with chocolate all around it. i still miss them.
  • Your palm, blessed lady, your palm, and the palms of all I see here, that I may tell you all the rich ventura which is hanging over this good house; (May evil lightning fall upon it and consume it!) but first let me sing you a song of Egypt, that the spirit of the Chowahanee may descend more plenteously upon the poor woman. '
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  • Its clear that the DNC and Pelosi chose the weakest candidate. go away mongers-ventura ca
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