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What is the meaning of Victrola in Hindi?

Meaning of Victrola in Hindi is :

Definition of word Victrola

  • A brand name model of phonograph produced by the Victor Talking Machine Company in the 1920s. (proper noun)

Examples of word Victrola

  • They had what they called a Victrola and would listen to their favorite opera excerpts played on 78-RPM recordings.
  • Victrola is a lot closer to my apartment, yes - but it is jam packed with people, and some of those people really piss me off.
  • Soylent Green may just as well be people but Victrola is coffee.
  • It was great to meet everyone, and yes, we were too the coolest kids in Victrola.
  • To find out where to see the episode where you live, visit the show's episode guide and search for Victor, Victrola, which is the name of the episode.
  • His Victrola was a machine first manufactured by the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) using the word Victor in their recording field products because of the US's "victory" in WWI, "the war to end all wars" (yeah sure!)
  • A description of a picture that I saw in a coffeeshop called Victrola, drawn by a child:
  • Now he's collaborating with the sculptor Ian Schneller to create an "audiovisual landscape" by using dozens of three-foot tall "hornlings," four eight-foot-tall horns and a two-headed spinning speaker horn (all designed to recall Victrola speakers and triggered by Mr. Bird's violin) to pump out his intricate pop-compositions.