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What is the meaning of Voices in Hindi?

Meaning of Voices in Hindi is :

Definition of word Voices

  • Plural form of voice. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of voice. (verb)

Examples of word Voices

    • And in allusion to the sounding of trumpets, and singing with thundring voices, and pouring out drink-offerings at those sacrifices, _seven trumpets are sounded_, and _seven thunders utter their voices_, and _seven vials of wrath are poured out_.
    • Funny how the left is calling the voices from the crowd "extremists" because they don't follow the same liberal beat.
    • Probably something about the wildness of the voices is attractive to them.
    • So far as the majority of their acts are considered, crowds display a singularly inferior mentality; yet there are other acts in which they appear to be guided by those mysterious forces which the ancients denominated destiny, nature, or providence, which we call the voices of the dead, and whose power it is impossible to overlook, although we ignore their essence.
    • Facebook never runs out of groups echoing this kind of voices from the “moral high ground”.


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