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What is the meaning of Wales in Hindi?

Meaning of Wales in Hindi is : वेल्स

Definition of word Wales

  • One of the four constituent countries of the United Kingdom (proper noun)

Examples of word Wales

  • They seem to be living in a fantasy world where the actions of their party in government in wales in supporting Labour are conveniently ignored at a local government or parliamentary level. people should not forget that the ONLY reason Labour are in power in Wales is becasue of the nationalists.
  • Emyr Jones-Parry making interesting speeches is no real subsitute for the politicains of wales actaully engaging in a meaningful debate with the people of Wales.
  • Well sitting here in my Valleys home ,enjoying a morning coffee and slice of organic toast - don't I sound like Sion Barry, scanning the blogs and comments on line ,listening to radio wales -there is a general election next week in Wales.
  • The Archdeacon made the tour of Wales in 1188; the legend therefore which he records can boast of a good old age, but the tale itself is older than _The Itinerary through Wales_, for the writer informs us that the priest Elidorus, who affirmed that he had been in the country of the Fairies, talked in his old age to David II., bishop of St. David, of the event.
  • Wales, as every reader of _Wild Wales_ will recall, but the Scots tour was meant to be a more formidable pilgrimage, and they went to Great
  • I never had the slightest interest in the gipsies, but I always had a corner in my heart for Spain and Wales, and consequently _The Bible in Spain_ and _Wild Wales_ have always been favourite books.
  • Borrow, it will be remembered, left Wales at Chepstow, as recorded in the hundred and ninth and final chapter of _Wild Wales_, 'where I purchased a first class ticket, and ensconcing myself in a comfortable carriage, was soon on my way to London, where I arrived at about four o'clock in the morning.'
  • Johnson's tour to Wales, ii. 279, 281, 282, 284; v. 427: see _Journey into North Wales_;
  • Crusaders kick off Super League season - and their new life in North Wales North wales rugby: Bro Ffestiniog hit by injuries for Nant Conwy clash Six Nations rugby: Lee Byrne banned from Wales opener against England