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What is the meaning of Weill in Hindi?

Meaning of Weill in Hindi is : वाइल

Definition of word Weill

Examples of word Weill

  • Remember netflex does weill in my opine..because they are in stores that people shop in ..
  • "And they weill never be fully content, " I said, -until they are imbonded.
  • I am not a supporter of Senator Clinton, yet, but the "Pay attention to your hair, because everydoby else weill" on the HillaryHub website was outstanding.
  • August 7, 2009 at 2:02 pm yew fail to back-orff meh, ahn ah weill leava nahstay sooprize inyer bed
  • The pepil richt affrayitly, returnit to him out of all partis of the wod, to comfort him efter his trubill; and fell on kneis, devotly adoring the haly croce; for it was not cumin but sum hevinly providence, as weill apperis; for thair is na man can schaw of quhat mater it is of, metal or tre.


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