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What is the meaning of Wend in Hindi?

Meaning of Wend in Hindi is : रास्ता बनाना

Definition of word Wend

  • a member of a Slavic people from the borders of Germany and Poland; a Sorb; a Kashub. (noun)

Examples of word Wend

  • Most probably the name Wend was of foreign origin and the race was known by this name only among the foreign tribes, while they called themselves Slavs.
  • The name Wend, however, was never completely forgotten.
  • Struktur While … Wend akan mengulang pernyataan pada badan loop sepanjang kodisi pada While bernilai benar.
  • Wend, which is harder to find on newsstands and skews younger, but is a good publication.
  • Stiv Wilson, writes in the editorial of the current issue: "Some people call Wend an adventure journal, while others know us best as a green website.


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