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What is the meaning of Whit in Hindi?

Meaning of Whit in Hindi is : लेशमात्र

Definition of word Whit

  • The smallest part or particle imaginable; an iota. (noun)

Examples of word Whit

  • The mourning warbler's song, as I heard it, was like this: _Whit whit whit_, _wit wit_.
  • This is his song, or what answers to a song, but I have seen him when he would do nothing but repeat incessantly a quick trisyllabic call, _whit, whit, whit_; corresponding, I suppose, to the well-known _whit_ with which the phoebe sometimes busies himself in a similar manner.
  • John Cusack, equipped with his typical black suit and precision-guided whit, is the assassin, Brand Hauser, who has been hired to take out a high-profile target, Omar Sharif (not the real one).
  • I was not happy about Wendys comments, although i do agree that whit is not saying "I was a coke/crack addict, so there." but the thing is, everyone deals with shit in their own way and for anyone to attack a person in recovery ... thats shitty of Wendy.
  • If you like, you can read it here, but even if you don’t, and even if no-body reads it at all, that won’t detract a whit from a feeling of personal achievement that will, for me, mark one of the more satisfying of my life.


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