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What is the meaning of Wight in Hindi?

Meaning of Wight in Hindi is : व्यक्ति

Definition of word Wight

  • Brave, valorous, strong. (adjective)
  • Strong; stout; active. (adjective)
  • A living creature, especially a human being. (noun)
  • A being of one of the Nine Worlds of heathen belief, especially a nature spirit, elf or ancestor. (noun)
  • A ghost or other supernatural entity. (noun)
  • A wraith-like creature. (noun)

Examples of word Wight

  • The unfortunate wight is the one who can take many glasses without betraying a sign, who must take numerous glasses in order to get the "kick."
  • Meantime the hump of that awful bump Into the heavens contrived to get To so great a height that they called the wight The man with the minaret.
  • The wight is a stranger, never before did I see him about this quarter or this street.
  • Or you could use Wraith, but the words wight and wraith have identical meanings in fantasy literature.
  • Nor was he ever really himself until he felt the mellow warmth of the vine singing in his blood He was an artist, it is true, always an artist; but somehow, sober the high pitch and lilt went out of his thought-processes and he was prone to be as deadly dull as a British Sunday — not dull as other men are dull, but dull when measured by the sprightly wight that


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