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What is the meaning of Wouk in Hindi?

Meaning of Wouk in Hindi is : वोक

Definition of word Wouk

Examples of word Wouk

  • Any dish that needs beef will wouk and taste better with deer or elk and pronghorns.
  • The McCain campaign has brought in George Orwell ... to handle day to day communications and has added Herman wouk to insure that Mccain has his bearings straight.
  • Kris wouk have risen but Sarah grabbed her by the arm, pressing her back against the crate.
  • Had all the penal laws been introduced at one view, the effect wouk | inevitably have been a renewal of disputes, that he hoped would in future be for ever at rest; such had been the mode pursued in 1791 and 1793.
  • ** And to break our wortl and honour to ttur party is a thing ho gentleman can do. % Vharton had a direct promise firoHi his loi-dsWp, that he neier wouk! iwne in till fie shoiild come tN along with him.


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