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What is the meaning of Wright in Hindi?

Meaning of Wright in Hindi is : राइट

Definition of word Wright

  • A British occupational surname from a maker of machinery; found in many combinations such as Cartwright. (proper-noun)
  • An American surname; also a confused anglicization of the French le droit (proper-noun)

Examples of word Wright

  • Eric Olin Wright is an analytical Marxist who raised his kids on extemporaneous Marxist fairy-tales, and recorded them for posterity.
  • By the way, when the name Wright is on the ballot, I will consider his comments important.
  • It's all fine and good that Obama has "condemned" the worst of what he calls Wright's "wrong" and "divisive" comments, but his refusal to "disown" his former pastor is academic.
  • If this destroys Obama's campaign what a title Wright will have to live with for the rest of his life knowing what he prevented heck maybe his delusional mind will get a kick from it.
  • She reported that Obama "first said that his former pastor was like an uncle and that he had never heard any offensive sermons, but finally Obama gave a speech criticizing what he called Wright's offensive remarks."


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