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What is the meaning of Wright in Hindi?

Meaning of Wright in Hindi is : राइट

Definition of word Wright

  • Common misspelling of write. (verb)
    लिखने की सामान्य गलत वर्तनी।
  • A builder or creator of something. (noun)
    किसी चीज का निर्माता या निर्माता।

Examples of word Wright

    • May 25th, 2008 2: 59 pm ET rev wright is going to be vice president
    • May 9th, 2008 2: 49 pm ET reverend wright is a great man.
    • If anything she is helping to dissociate wright from the campaign altogether and he has been pushing for the ad to stop in NC!
    • April 29th, 2008 1: 54 pm ET we don't need another speech, wright is just enoying his media time and giving Obama something to talk about since Obama doesnt have any real plans for the USA except maybe to stand around in a circule with the people who want to kill us and sing kumbayah.
    • He either agrees wright is wrong or he thinks wright is ok.
    • I was amazed at how close Rev. wright is to the Clintons. in this same speech, Rev. wright sings the praises of the Clintons.
    • Now, Rev. wright is publicly playing the fool, fully knowing that it is helping Hillary to destroy Obama.
    • April 28th, 2008 4: 15 pm ET jerimiah wright is causing racial divide across the nation i am a black man and i have to say mr wright is a racist
    • April 25th, 2008 3: 26 pm ET another example of obama's arrogance. not so fast, now that rev. wright is back on the talk show circuit I'm sure there will be some more controversy coming obama's way.
    • Of course clinton supporters are going to argue wright is an issue.