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What is the meaning of abate in Hindi?

Meaning of abate in Hindi is : हटाना

Definition of word abate

  • To cut away or hammer down, in such a way as to leave a figure in relief, as a sculpture, or in metalwork. (verb)

Examples of word abate

  • Finally, it would largely abate from the sympathy which late events have elicited from foreign nation
  • While it would be helpful for the market were the mutual-fund withdrawals to abate, that isn't necessary for the stock market to rally, Mr. O'Rourke says.
  • It is a clip of abate, from the Old French abattre, “to beat down,” and now it means “to moderate, subside, reduce, ebb.”
  • He wanted to "abate" such unnecessary confusion by advance planning and by assigning jobs of different variety to different artisans of different skills and talents.
  • He said: "It doesn't seem to abate, that is for sure.


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