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What is the meaning of abdication in Hindi?

Meaning of abdication in Hindi is : सिंहासन त्याग

Definition of word abdication

Examples of word abdication

  • Probably a primary false note in this tragedy was his abdication from a prestigious New York law organisation given a white cabinet partial of insulted him.
  • God's apparent abdication from the affairs of the world seemed unforgivable.
  • It called for freedom from Spain, a provisional Government and the ultimate formation of an independent "Empire of Mexico" with either King Ferdinand VII, who was considering abdication from the Spanish Throne, or some other member of the Spanish Royal family, heading a Constitutional Monarchy.
  • Somers vindicated the use of the word abdication by quotations from Grotius and Brissonius, Spigelius and Bartolus.
  • The word abdication conciliated politicians of a more timid school.


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