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What is the meaning of abdomen in Hindi?

Meaning of abdomen in Hindi is : पेड

Definition of word abdomen

Examples of word abdomen

  • But while the "Watercolour and War" section forms a fascinating segment of the show, there's only one truly early work that makes this case: "Number 9: Sabre Wound to the Abdomen, Peltier, Belgian Hospital" 1815, by Charles Bell, and it is part of a study of wounds—again the medium in the service of science.
  • For a while he was taken with a contemporary bestseller his mother had sent him called Culture of the Abdomen, by Professor F. A. Hornibrook.
  • Abdomen: Stripped Peacock Herl (use a pencil eraser to remove the “fuzz”)
  • Abdomen, arms, chest, nothing but shadowed clefts and bundled sinew.
  • He was particularly gifted at deciphering the source of pain in a patient's midsection, a skill that earned him the nickname "Master of the Abdomen."
  • Abdomen was equipped with nine pairs of veined wings.
  • Abdomen Tumour abnormal growth or mass of tissue in the abdomen 5
  • Shotguns at close range are so nasty that an article in the Annals of Surgery, “Gunshot Wounds of the Abdomen” stated they might as well be treated as cannon blasts.
  • Itchy Abdomen is another new thing to me; I apply Body Shop Shea Butter by the fistful and heave loud oleaginous sighs of relief which must amuse the neighbours no end - because I can't sleep with the windows closed, because my sinuses have been killing me since September and I'm not allowed to take anything for them.